Schools and charities

The Captain Kidd Pirate Ships Experience has a great deal to offer both schools and charities, even before our ships are completed.

While the ships are being built…

  • Schools – secondary school students will be able to benefit from a trip to London to see our ships being built along the River Thames. We will also be holding special events and it will be possible to do block bookings – it’s a perfect opportunity to learn about maritime history, piracy, and traditional skills and crafts.
  • Charities – we welcome approaches from any charities that are linked with our core aims and approach. For example, maritime or social history, or traditional crafts.

Once the ships are launched…

  • Schools – anyone aged 12 or more will have the opportunity to sail in one of our ships along the Thames, participating fully in the passage of the ship, from setting the sails to rowing the oars. There will also be many chances both on board and on shore to find out about traditional sailing and other associated maritime skills. There will be opportunities for both small parties and block bookings.
  • Charities – we expect our links with other charities to continue and develop once the ships have been launched, as they will play an important role in promoting living history, traditional crafts and maritime skills. We again welcome approaches from charities with ideas for contributions and collaborations once the ships have been completed.

Further information is in our Learning section and please also register your details with us to be kept informed