Buccaneers’ Club

Once the building of the ships is well under way, we will be opening the Buccaneers’ Club as part of our commitment to inclusivity.

This will be a private members’ club used to help support our work by giving opportunities to disadvantaged people to participate in sailing in one of our ships and in learning traditional skills associated with shipbuilding.

We anticipate that there will be several categories of membership, open to individuals and/or businesses and other organisations, each giving different levels of benefits.

These will include:

  • Access to events/open days
  • Beneficial access to training courses
  • Priority access to launch parties
  • Preferential booking/rates on Thames passages
  • Access to booking private events
  • Exclusive members-only events
  • Priority access to ocean passage bookings

If this is something you or your organisation might be interested in, please send us your details

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