Our ships

Our biggest ship will be the Adventure Galley – which was the actual name of Captain Kidd’s original ship. This will recreate his voyages, sailing to many different parts of the world.

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We will also build two smaller ships (yet to be named). These will be berthed at Greenwich in London and will be available for joining on half-day passages sailing and galley racing along the Thames.

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Help to build and sail them

The building of these traditional ships will involve numerous historic crafts, from rope-making and sailing to carpentry and engineering. Traditional skills, and where possible traditional tools and materials too – no microplastics for us.

As well as apprenticeships, there will be opportunities to join courses or workshops dedicated to these skills and to learn about maritime conservation.

Once launched, there will also be numerous opportunities to sail in these amazing traditional ships, for a few hours on the Thames, or for weeks or more on the oceans. In each case, you’ll be participating in a full interactive experience alongside professional crew and Sea Cadets. For more details, please Join our mailing list